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Re: Paper and slides on indefiniteness of CH: My final mail to the Thread

Dear Sol,

My participation in this interesting discussion is now at its end, as almost anything I say at this point would just be a repeat of what I’ve already said. I don’t regret having triggered this Great Debate on July 31, in response to your interesting paper, as I have learned enormously from it. Yet at the same time I wish to offer you an apology for the more than 500 subsequent e-mails, which surely far exceeds what you expected or wanted.

Before signing off I’d like to leave you with an abridged summary of my views and also give appropriate thanks to Pen, Geoffrey, Peter, Hugh, Neil and others for their insightful comments. Of course I am happy to discuss matters further with anyone, and indeed there is one question that I am keen to ask Geoffrey and Pen, but I’ll do that “privately” as I do think that this huge e-mail list is no longer the appropriate forum. My guess is that the vast majority of recipients of these messages are quite bored with the whole discussion but too polite to ask me to remove their name from the list.

All the best, and many thanks, Sy

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