Re: Paper and slides on indefiniteness of CH

Dear Sy,

Let’s first note that in the wake of independence, it’s going to be a pretty hard-line Universist (read “nutty Universist”) who asserts that we shouldn’t be studying truth across models in order to understand V better.

Pen Maddy is not a nut! You can simply ground truth in what is good set theory and mathematics, as would a Thin Realist (right, Pen?) and not bother with all of this talk about models.

This doesn’t really bear on what you and Neil are discussing, but for the record, the Thin Realist will study models of set theory as readily as the next set theorist.  Such a study might well turn out some good set theory and/or good mathematics more generally (which is how she comes ‘to understand V better’).  And, as remarked earlier, she doesn’t regard herself as infallible:  her commitment to a single universe could change in light of further developments.

All best,


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